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A new ship or the same old one?

Holey moley. What a year I’ve had. Lots of extremes and discovery, lots of sadness and an abundance of clearing: old ideas, habits that no longer serve me, and fears that hold me back. I have a new way of … Continue reading

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A way to go

As I’m nearing the end of my Whole30, there have been a lot of other ‘things’ popping into my head that I want to change. To be more authentic, more like me, more real, a better version, all just like … Continue reading

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What if…

… I never find my passion, that thing I’m meant to do? … the progress I’ve made with my health disappears? … I get stuck doing jobs I don’t like, which drain me emotionally just for turning up? … I … Continue reading

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Giving back

First up, I was thinking about this topic a bit over the last few weeks, then the lovely Alexis from the wunder under year posted on a similar theme a few days ago – I’m not usually inclined to believe … Continue reading

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A professional obsession

Last weekend, I got to do a shift of my second job – I run the market stall of a local tea company, The Art of Tea. My relationship with the company started out as a customer-business one. I regularly … Continue reading

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Working against yourself

There have been a few things floating around social media (mine anyway) this week touching on health, work and wellness which have got me thinking. Then, we had the weirdest winter weather system hit us in a while. It was … Continue reading

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