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My triumvirate – VWD, tea and science fiction

I’ve mentioned once or twice about my obsession with tea, and you’ve probably heard about my bleeding disorder by now, but I wanted to share a bit more about my love for science fiction. And a little bit of fantasy … Continue reading

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Happy Whoniversary!

This morning I watched the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who. Amazing episode, you must watch it! Even if you’re not a sci if fan, it’s the longest running fiction show of any kind on television, so today and the … Continue reading

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Timolino Love

So I’ve written a couple of heavy, emotionally driven posts of late, like this one about family , or this one about blood and sex, or even one of these, about friends, needing a break , my coaching with Tara, … Continue reading

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A day in paradise

Yesterday I got up at 5am, did two rounds of heavy lifting of stuff, spent the entire day on my feet, barely got a break, and in the end spent 10 straight hours at work. But I loved every second. … Continue reading

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My period survival kit part 2

And how in the world did I miss these two essential parts of my female organ experience??? Oh right, the lack of sleep, essential brain-functioning nutrients flooding out of my system and a bad case of the whiny bitchfaceness otherwise … Continue reading

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The power of tea

So I might not have the meditation thing down pat, but I do know how to make a good cuppa. This is my rooibos to go with dinner. Rooibos is calming, is a good a rehydrator as coconut water, and … Continue reading

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A professional obsession

Last weekend, I got to do a shift of my second job – I run the market stall of a local tea company, The Art of Tea. My relationship with the company started out as a customer-business one. I regularly … Continue reading

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Mugful of happiness

It seems the beverage you drink is one of those either/or things, just like all the big arguments. Melbourne v Sydney. Beer v wine. AFL v rugby. For me, tea is always the winner. I’ve never been a coffee fan, … Continue reading

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