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Loving the shadows

I would’ve cut this off after the first sentence! Source I’m sure you read my love of the gorgeous Tara Bliss’ ode to our shadows , but I wanted to dig a little deeper, and talk about why shadow work … Continue reading

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My Very Own Dr Tom

Have you seen Being Erica, the now-ended Canadian show about a chick (unsurprisingly) called Erica who has a bit of a quarter life crisis which lands her in hospital after a nut allergy issue, and ends up in therapy? No? … Continue reading

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A meditation on meditation

I’ve mentioned I’ve started coaching with Tara from Such Different Skies (she’s also the co-author of Spirited, a gorgeous e-book inspiring you to live your best, most full and spirited life. I finished it last night, so beautiful, you definitely … Continue reading

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