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My triumvirate – VWD, tea and science fiction

I’ve mentioned once or twice about my obsession with tea, and you’ve probably heard about my bleeding disorder by now, but I wanted to share a bit more about my love for science fiction. And a little bit of fantasy … Continue reading

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A marathon of Gallifreyan proportions

For all you non-sci fi fans out there, this year is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, my favourite sci fi show, and the longest running fictional television show in history. To prepare for the epicness that will undoubtedly be … Continue reading

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Alterans vs Ori

In one of my favourite tv shows, Stargate SG1, a new enemy is introduced in series 9-10. They are a group of ascended beings, former human mortals who have evolved and reached enlightenment, but who believe that those on a … Continue reading

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Reflection: There’s no such thing as a solitary hero

Originally posted on Rev Doc Geek:
On Sunday, June 30, the Third Annual Service of the Church of Latter Day Geeks was held at Williamstown Uniting Church – Electra St. These were the readings, and this was the ‘sermon’. After…

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