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Wellness Workshop November

November has provided me with a couple of amazing opportunities to meet and learn from some amazing women – Nat Kringoudis, a TCM doctor, acupuncturist and natural fertility expert,  and Melissa Ambrosini, a wellness blogger and life coach. First up, Debunking … Continue reading

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Renewal, light and beginings

Sunlight streams through the window. It is both welcomed and unfamiliar. Months and months of rain, gloom and grey have been her constant companion, but today is the beginning of the up-swing. Blue skies, with only cotton-candy wisps of cloud … Continue reading

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Alterans vs Ori

In one of my favourite tv shows, Stargate SG1, a new enemy is introduced in series 9-10. They are a group of ascended beings, former human mortals who have evolved and reached enlightenment, but who believe that those on a … Continue reading

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Today I attended a workshop run by the lovely Melissa Ambrosini (which I’ll write a bit more about later), and one of the things she spoke about was being who you are, in an open, honest and present way. I’ve … Continue reading

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