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Engaging mentally to disengage with the physical – a medical update

Its another period week for me, so I’ve been at home for most  of it. I’ve been building on my progress from this year in symptom management and it only seems to be getting better. The thing I’ve noticed most … Continue reading

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My period survival kit

This week is another period week for me. While trying to ‘normalise’ the new set of meds, I have to be slow in drawing the length between them back out to my normal, which is one every three months, keeping … Continue reading

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The music of pain, or a new revelation I can’t believe it took me this long to work out.

(I wrote this yesterday but I forgot to post it! Oops! Yesterday being Friday…) I have a close friend from school who is an outstanding musician. I’ve also know a few other musicians in my life due to constant participation … Continue reading

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