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Engaging mentally to disengage with the physical – a medical update

Its another period week for me, so I’ve been at home for most  of it. I’ve been building on my progress from this year in symptom management and it only seems to be getting better. The thing I’ve noticed most … Continue reading

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A pause

After a year (or is it only really 6 months at this stage? I’m loosing track) of learning and testing and trying and working on new things to support my health, my body is screaming at me for a break. … Continue reading

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An attitude of gratitude

I’ve been feeling very full of goodness, light, positivity and strength lately. Even when things have not entirely worked as expected, or gone to plan. Even when challenges have arisen. Today I wanted to reflect on the good things I … Continue reading

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Resilience & Serendipity

I’ve had such a full year – love, laughter, illness, fear, new beginnings, searching for answers. Everything all at once, but its been a bit of a “making of” experience. At the beginning of the year when I realised that … Continue reading

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A meditation on meditation

I’ve mentioned I’ve started coaching with Tara from Such Different Skies (she’s also the co-author of Spirited, a gorgeous e-book inspiring you to live your best, most full and spirited life. I finished it last night, so beautiful, you definitely … Continue reading

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A love filled birthday

Today is my birthday! I’m a young/old/unsure which 28 today at exactly 11:55pm Australian Eastern Time. Unfortunately I’m at work today, but I took last Friday off and had a lovely 3 days with R, filled with presents, yoga and … Continue reading

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The power of tea

So I might not have the meditation thing down pat, but I do know how to make a good cuppa. This is my rooibos to go with dinner. Rooibos is calming, is a good a rehydrator as coconut water, and … Continue reading

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Lab test monkey

I’m getting to the end of this period. I had almost 4 days of very light bleeding/spotting, then the last two days have been heavier bleeding. All the time I’ve had the same pain levels, the same abdominal bloating, levels … Continue reading

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