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My period survival kit

This week is another period week for me. While trying to ‘normalise’ the new set of meds, I have to be slow in drawing the length between them back out to my normal, which is one every three months, keeping … Continue reading

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A way to go

As I’m nearing the end of my Whole30, there have been a lot of other ‘things’ popping into my head that I want to change. To be more authentic, more like me, more real, a better version, all just like … Continue reading

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Older and wiser

This year, I started something that even 12 months ago I would have laughed at you for suggesting. I started seeing a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’ve always been a rationalist, lover of the scientific method, a logical thinker. … Continue reading

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Needles, tea and deep breathing

So. You have an inherited bleeding disorder, which means at some point (maybe even frequently) you’re going to end up in your local public hospital. When was the last time you ended up in hospital and it went well? Tests came … Continue reading

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Waiting for the bomb to drop

As I mentioned in my last post, over the last few months my menstrual bleeds have grown a mind of their own and require a new treatment plan. I’m currently testing option one, and for the last 3.5 weeks it … Continue reading

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