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Day 366

12 months ago, to the day, my life changed. On 1 February 2013, the first round of the Barrecode 60 Day Challenge for 2013 started, and my world hasn’t been the same. It was the day I stopped eating gluten, … Continue reading

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Why do we care about looking good?

Help an INTJ sister out, would ya? I’ve recently read this article on an online Australian newspaper and the first paragraph/sentence (that’s a whole other grammatical rant I won’t get into today!) gave me the shits. I’m sorry, how is … Continue reading

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Trying to make Michelle Bridges vomit

A little while ago a well known Australian fitness trainer and The Biggest Loser Australia coach Michelle Bridges wrote this piece explaining her Just Fucking Do It (JFDI) philosophy. Essentially, she sees exercise as just another chore – like showering, … Continue reading

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Live the code

Last Tuesday I got to do the very first of a new class format at Barrecode – Barre Torque. Holey moley, what an amazing hour! Torque uses foam rollers, a ‘mini barre’ suspended from the wall using TRX-ish straps and … Continue reading

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Giving the cold and flu season a kick in the groin

That’s a pretty full on heading isn’t it? But it sums up my experiences this winter (yep, I’m making the call now, its almost September!). I’ve always had a really rough time in winter. Since I was about 14 I … Continue reading

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On accepting imperfection

As well as being INTJ, I’m also a bit of a type A-personality. I like to do well, be right, do lots, and be the best, or the best I can be. Those two analyses of a personality fit together … Continue reading

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My blender has more horse power than yours!

So I’ve alluded before to a death in the family, my old blender. R got it for me for my birthday last year, and it had a good life. While not being the most technical of appliances, it did a … Continue reading

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You Are What You Eat

Does anyone else remember that government issued (I think) nutritional poster of a guy made up entirely of food (good ones, not frankenfoods for the most part, though wheat and dairy made an appearance) from school? I remember one from … Continue reading

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Is this tiger blood?

There’s a stage of the Whole30, about the point I’m at now (time-wise anyway) that people call tiger blood. Where the eating similar meals isn’t getting to you, and you’re feeling great – the abdominal bloating from your previously bad … Continue reading

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One is never enough

I wrote previously about my fitness challenge earlier in the year with Barrecode, and my runner up prize. But it was plagued by 2 weeks of the 8 at home on the couch dealing with my menstrual bleeds, then the … Continue reading

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