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I have to say, I’ve very much been enjoying having a Facebook page for this blog (have you checked it out yet? I’m over at I get to share all my posts, plus whatever else comes my way, like this funny poster –


Universal truth, no? 🙂

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My triumvirate – VWD, tea and science fiction

I’ve mentioned once or twice about my obsession with tea, and you’ve probably heard about my bleeding disorder by now, but I wanted to share a bit more about my love for science fiction. And a little bit of fantasy (I adore Tolkien, and of course the Harry Potter books), but I think sci fi has always been the bigger draw for me.

I’ve been enamoured with the genre for as long as I can remember. Probably the earliest incarnation of it was watching the last of the original run of Doctor Who on the ABC, but since then I’ve also loved Finders Keepers (old school Aussie kids show based on a book by Emily Rodda, anyone else like this?), Round the Twist (yep, definitely including this – which other genre gets a rabbit-replicating wardrobe?), Buffy and all things Whedon, the new Who and greater Whovinerse, Stargate SG1 and many many others. What is the attraction? I think this is an odd mix of my VWD and INTJ personality – the imagination, future projecting, and the fact that so many story lines in sci fi have kids, women and the somehow disadvantaged (through illness, genetic difference or social reclusiveness) rising up and becoming strong. Heroic. Powerful. Being both an introvert and genetically different from the general population, as well as often finding myself at odds socially (try being the INTJ chick in the room when the other ladies start talking about weddings. Shudders), I really associate with a lot of the main characters in the books, shows and movies I adore. Continue reading

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Turning the pressure right down

So as you may have gathered from this post, international travel isn’t as straight forward for me as I might like it. I’ve previously had troubles on those long plane trips – struggling to keep my sinuses happy, feeling comfortable with the food, and worrying about bleeds or being pulled over for my needles/icepacks at the airports. But for my recent trip to Montreal? I felt so much better about travelling, and only one really hit of jetlag. So what did I do differently? Continue reading

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Shampoo, skin care and VWD

I bet you weren’t expecting that sentence to end the way it did! But my slightly long winded path to health actually started with shampoo and scalp bleeds.

I know, you thought I’d covered all the weird and gross bleeds I have with the words ‘menstrual’ and ‘colonoscopy’. Never fear, readers, I have more for you today! So, how I found out that shampoo ingredients (and later on, skin care) can cause problems and bleeds for me –

About 6 years ago, I got fed up with my hair. With it not cleaning properly (the joys of having a super thick mane), with the constant flow of scalp dislodging itself on my clothes, with the itchiness. And the bleeding Continue reading

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

For the most part, I love Christmas. I love having time off from life to relax, to catch up with the people I care about, the public permission to spend an entire day eating and doing not much else, and I’d be a liar if I didn’t mention the receiving of free stuff. I also love that Christmas is in summer in Australia – so it means BBQs, beach trips and iced tea! But there is one bit that always gives me the creeps – the workplace/other group Secret Santas.

My Christmas tree. You will be unsurprised to know my tree is full of baubles from tea companies, mostly DavidsTea, which originally contained tea samples! Continue reading

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An enjoyable shopping trip

image Continue reading

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Wellness Workshop November

November has provided me with a couple of amazing opportunities to meet and learn from some amazing women – Nat Kringoudis, a TCM doctor, acupuncturist and natural fertility expert,  and Melissa Ambrosini, a wellness blogger and life coach.

First up, Debunking Ovulation.

0076KD_NatK_Dbkng-O_FB-promo Continue reading

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Big jet plane

About 2 months ago, I got an invitation to attend a workshop run by the World Hemophilia Foundation in Montreal, being held in early December. The workshop is about youth advocacy in the bleeding disorder community, and due to WHF’s connection with some of the large pharmaceutical companies, they have obtained funding to pay for attendees to travel to Montreal! Continue reading

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I’m on Facebook!

Hello! Today I created a Facebook page for this blog – I’ll be sharing all the posts you get here, but also other useful/fun/silly/whatever things I come across. I’d love if it you’d pop on over and like the page. If you’re friends with other people with bleeding disorders or chronic illnesses, send them over! I’m loving connecting with you all through here and Facebook allows me to do more of that!


Thankyou all so much for reading, liking and commenting here, and I’m really excited and scared and nervous and lots of other things about sharing more over there! I hope you make the leap!

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Happy Whoniversary!


This morning I watched the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who. Amazing episode, you must watch it! Even if you’re not a sci if fan, it’s the longest running fiction show of any kind on television, so today and the episode is a bit of a planetary milestone! In deference to those who haven’t seen it yet, I’m going to hold of sharing any more detailed thoughts, but I wanted to share this – I brewed up a Tardis pot of Forever nuts from DavidsTea to go with our snack. Jammie dodgers, of course.

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