Turning the pressure right down

So as you may have gathered from this post, international travel isn’t as straight forward for me as I might like it. I’ve previously had troubles on those long plane trips – struggling to keep my sinuses happy, feeling comfortable with the food, and worrying about bleeds or being pulled over for my needles/icepacks at the airports. But for my recent trip to Montreal? I felt so much better about travelling, and only one really hit of jetlag. So what did I do differently?

Before I went, I was prompted by Tara to think about how I think about food – even just the act of thinking something is bad for you while its happening can stress your body enough to react to it, or just become upset. I know, it sounds a bit woo-woo, but I’ve definitely felt this in relation to my nose bleeds. Being stressed (in any sense – emotional, or when my body is stressed environmentally like when it is too hot) can both cause and worsen nose bleeds in me, so making a conscious effort to remain calm and work through the things I have to treat them can often lessen the damage. My doctors have been supportive of this too, given the impact it can have on nose bleeds. So, what the hell, I thought, lets give it a go.

I went into the trip knowing I was not going to be able to control my food and exercise for the trip, and just went with it. A week of things being a bit patchy wasn’t going to kill me, or even make me really ill, so I could cope. It was more important to have fun, learn from my new friends and not give a thoroughly jet-lagged speech than it was to stick perfectly to my food and exercise routines. And… it definitely helped! Even though I’m not completely stabilised medically after events from earlier this year, I have no bleeding issues on the plane, I had no food issues, and I ended up staying at a place where the kitchen staff were incredibly accommodating to my sensitivities.

Upon returning to Australia, I felt reasonably well – a good solid side of jetlag and tiredness, but that’s to be expected. No major digestive issues at all – and with some sleep and a yoga class or two I was back to normal! The planning and pre-flight shopping definitely helped – knowing I had some good options available if there was nothing else put my mind at ease to enjoy the trip.

I’ll definitely be emulating this on my next trip away – feeling comfortable and de-stressed makes all the difference!


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