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My triumvirate – VWD, tea and science fiction

I’ve mentioned once or twice about my obsession with tea, and you’ve probably heard about my bleeding disorder by now, but I wanted to share a bit more about my love for science fiction. And a little bit of fantasy … Continue reading

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Turning the pressure right down

So as you may have gathered from this post, international travel isn’t as straight forward for me as I might like it. I’ve previously had troubles on those long plane trips – struggling to keep my sinuses happy, feeling comfortable … Continue reading

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Shampoo, skin care and VWD

I bet you weren’t expecting that sentence to end the way it did! But my slightly long winded path to health actually started with shampoo and scalp bleeds. I know, you thought I’d covered all the weird and gross bleeds … Continue reading

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

For the most part, I love Christmas. I love having time off from life to relax, to catch up with the people I care about, the public permission to spend an entire day eating and doing not much else, and … Continue reading

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