Beautiful and repulsive

My beautiful coach published a blog post this morning that really got to me. In a good way. She talked about our shadows, and how they are a part of us, that they are as much you as your light – like your sense of humour or your generosity sits side by side with your selfishness and anger.

This gorgeous lady articulates it perfectly, and for me, while reading her post it finally hit home why I’ve never connected with the concept of affirmations. Deep down I think I’ve always known this lesson so just saying “I am beautiful” or whatever your variant has felt deeply inauthentic, because I am and I am not, all at once (I even touched on this myself the other day here, on why there’s no such thing as a destination of happiness and why the ‘bad’ moods are part of me too).

Anywho, take a read of Tara’s piece yourself. I’d love to know what you think too – did this make sense for you or not? Leave a comment here (or on Tara’s page if you’d like).


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