The Doctor Who Rewatch – an update

So we’re gearing up to the climax of the viewing – The Name of the Doctor will be making an appearance on the viewing schedule soon. If we time it right, we’ll watch it on 23 November, so its fresh in our minds (being Australian, the special is airing at 6:50am on 24th November for my time zone – check it out here when its airing for you: ).

So my favourite moments from Series 4 -7?
– Donna Noble. The Doctor-Donna. Holey moley. What a companion. I won’t hear a bad word against Donna, she’s just so wonderful to watch. She acts out all the insecurites that the rest of us barely acknowledge, let alone verbalise, but at the same time she’s just brilliant. That moment with the Ood – “They’re born with their brains in their hands, they’d have to trust anyone they meet!”. How she deals with Rose in “Turn Left”, my, that’s one of my favourite episodes ever. What a lady.

– Peter Capaldi (12) appearing in Fires of Pompeii with David Tennant (10). Apparently, Davies had worked out a reason for Peter popping up multiple times in the Whoniverse (Davies had also cast him in the role of Peter Frobisher in the incredibly moving “Children of Earth”, series 3 of Torchwood) and Moffat knows what that is, so it will be worked into series 8. Or if Moffat has his way, the final episode of Capaldi’s reign, coz that’s how he rolls.

– I love the sequence at the end of “Journey’s End” with all the companions flying the Tardis. How beautiful is it? The loneliest man ever is surrounded by friends and family.

– Time Crash. I don’t know if you’ve seen this Children in Need special, but the few minutes with 5 & 10 are beautiful. Plus, I share Tennant’s fondness for his father in law (and you thought the familial relationships in Matt’s era are confusing…)

– The conversations with 10 and Wilfred Mott. How beautiful. Two old men talking about death and time and war.

– David’s last moment. So Russell wrote a bit of an overly senitmental finale for David and himself, but this bit is beautiful –

Its also the first bit of Matt, how nuts and brilliant is he?

– The unveiling of the new control room in “The Eleventh Hour”. How gorgeous is it? I think its my favourite one, out of the 50 years.

– The Williams-Ponds. Rory and Amy are just amazing. They pull the doctor up on his insanity, each in their own brilliant ways. There’s bits of each of them in River (my gosh Moffat is a planner!). They’re really well suited to each other too. I love watching them together.

– Finding out who River is. I have to admit, I did work it out, but the reveal was lovely. Maybe because I like seeing the Doctor completely confused and out of his element. Someone else knows more than me? What?

– The Doctor’s Wife. Oh Idris, you sexy thing. I never quite realised Neil Gaiman’s brilliance until it collided with Who.

– The Silence. What genuinely creepy enemies. You can’t remember them unless you’re looking directly at them? Invasion by post-hypnotic suggestion? Creepy. Though, it might be the real reason behind my bleeding disorder – not really accidental bruising, just bumping into stuff in view of the Silence…

And Series 7 – we’re only 3 episodes in on the re-watch:

– My favourite moment so far is this one:

The Doctor finally has a new pet dog!

– Clara Oswin Oswald. Love her – what a smart lady. So smart, she doesn’t even get sucked into the “whole of time and space” thing in The Bells of Saint John like, well, EVERYONE ELSE the Doctor has ever met! She’s quick enough to keep up with and overtake Mr Timelord, and does the most selfless thing at the end of The Name of The Doctor. I might also think its cool that the actress and I share a name. And hair. Well mine would look like hers if I had an on-call hair stylist too, but mostly just the dark and thick part.

Only 2 weeks to go! I’m pretty excited! I’ve got my Tardis teapot and tea selections ready to go, and planning my paleo-ish jammie dodger shopping. Anyone else setting their alarms for The Day of the Doctor?


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4 Responses to The Doctor Who Rewatch – an update

  1. mithriluna says:

    Our family cannot wait for the 50th anniversary either. It will air in our area at 2:50 pm (New York time). I think we have a family party to go to but we are definitely recording it. My older kids are hoping to see it the next day (again) but this time at the movie theater. I have been rewatching Doctor Who episodes as well but I am still in the “Rose” era at the moment. Yes, looking forward to the day!

    • I love how universal Doctor Who is becoming! It was such a Commonwealth thing back in the day, but its getting a strong following. I didn’t even realise it was aired in 72 countries until they released the list of countries who are involved in the simulcast!

      Happy rewatching! And Happy November 23!

  2. mithriluna says:

    Yes it is great, but actually my husband and I watched older Doctor Who episodes (reruns and then current episodes at the time) over 25 years ago. What we love is how now our children are enjoying Doctor Who and we can enjoy the show together.

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