Happiness is a mood

One Tree Hill is one of my guilty pleasure series, especially when I’m unwell or sad. I rewatched the later series recently and this scene really stuck out to me. Happiness is a mood, like being hungry or tired, according to Julian. I really like that. We can’t always be happy, and sometimes what looks like happiness might be something else – being content, relaxed, full of Christmas dinner, even slightly sleepy! It also over-crowds the other essentials of human experience – sadness, fear, doubt, anger, frustration, pain, loneliness.

A lot of those things I’ve just described are often seen as ‘bad’, but they’re not. Not only would we not recognise the good if there were no bad, but we can’t appreciate or understand either without the other, too. Just like I’m an unwell person, I’m also a Barre Star (thankyou Christie for that term!), a chocoholic, a gardener, a meditator and a complete goose, often all on the same day. I can be sad, hurt, happy, frustrated, panicked and calm on the same day too (and much like Tasmanian weather, often all at the same time!).

The part of me that is an ill person really loves this concept. I’m not just ill, I’m all of those other things and hundreds more. Happiness and anger and illness all fade and roll into each other, and life continues. There’s always more of each to come, to look forward to, to learn from and appreciate. And for that, I’m truly grateful. At the moment, anyway, I’m sure that will change too!

Do you like that concept?


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2 Responses to Happiness is a mood

  1. njd1insulin says:

    And you can’t appreciate feelings or emotions unless you have different ones happening to compare, contrast, seesaw and keep you on your toes. Complete goose – I like that though!

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