Timolino Love

So I’ve written a couple of heavy, emotionally driven posts of late, like this one about family , or this one about blood and sex, or even one of these, about friends, needing a break , my coaching with Tara, and owning my introvert status! Apparently there’s something in the air though, some of my favourite bloggers have also been commenting on it. Some ‘heavy’ times, working through the ‘big stuff’, making space for growth and new things in our lives. But I thought it was time to switch it up. Today’s post is a love letter to my tea thermos.

I first met DavidsTea while on holiday in Canada in 2011, stores across the Great White North were more than happy to set me up with tasty beverages. When we got to Montreal, I finally caved and got myself what I regard as the king of tea thermoses – the Timolino. Why do I love it? Its actually built for tea drinkers, not retro-fitted from a coffee thermos! Some pretty cool design has gone into it – there’s a detachable basket for brewing loose leaf tea, a sip-lid with venting so you don’t burn yourself (though it works so damn well at keeping your tea hot you might just still end up with a sensitive tongue!), and in the lid is a hidey-hole for keeping spare loose leaf tea for brewing adventures later in the day. How awesome is that?! Being a loose leaf tea fan, its often hard to work out how to travel with it – you either have to bring a big tin, or compromise and pack tea bags. Not with this cool thermos!

But the main attraction of this nifty device is that it does what it says on the box – it keeps you tea hot. For, well pretty much ever. I’ve brewed cups at the beginning of the day then had a full of day at work and not gotten to it until 4 or so and its still pipping hot. As in “ouch! That burned my mouth! Bloody hell!” kind of hot. It keeps your iced tea in summer just as cool – I always rinse the thermos with cold or hot water first (depending on the tea) and it adds to the insulative properties of this double walled steel beauty.

For those after something that fits in with their aesthetic, the timolino is also slim, sleek and fits into backpack side-pockets, car cup holders and conveniently into your hand (even if they’re tiny and stick-like like mine!).

Basically, I love mine! (I know, really, couldn’t you tell!). Its been with me for over two years, and I’ve gotten (on average) two uses each day out of it, which is a whole lotta tea brewing. Only now is it starting to not hold heat for as long, but its still fabulous – if I brew up a tea before leaving the house then have it when I get to work (after at least an hour) its still at the burny-hot level. By lunch time its cooled down to the “hmm, lovely” level of warm. I reckon that’s pretty good after almost 1400 brews!

So its time to invest in a second, because no true tea addict can ever be satisfied with just one tea vessel. I myself have 2 other travel mugs, 3 at-home mugs with infusers, 4 pots (including my Steeper) and an iced tea kit. So where to go from here? Clearly for DavidsTea’s Giant Timolino! I’m currently putting in a order for one for myself (the burgundy because its pretty – look at her: http://www.davidstea.com/burgundy-timolino-16-oz?&TF=ADA13E5CAE3F&DEID=) and one for R, because I’ve completely ‘Inception’ed his brain into being a tea lover instead of a Farmer’s Union fan.

I take my timolino everywhere – to work, obviously, but also on holiday, hiking up mountains, on bike rides, out to the movies (tea is so much better than soft drink!) and most importantly to the market when I’m working. For a tea company! It allows me to enjoy my ever-expanding collection of loose leaf tea on the go, a beautiful physical and spiritual pleasure. More than that, given my TCM-diagnosed cold constitution, hot tea wherever I am heals and soothes my gut.

I can’t wait to get my new Timonlino! It’s going to go on lots of summertime adventures in Australia over the next few months, as well as my super quick trip to Montreal in December, back to its homeland. I’ll see if I can’t remember to share some of them on here!


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2 Responses to Timolino Love

  1. alexismcd says:

    I have a confession. I lose things constantly and in the course of this year I’ve spent $90 on Timolinos. I leave them somewhere and have to go buy another one on the same day because I can’t handle the thought of a cheap, won’t-keep-my-tea-hot thermos. Then, inevitably, my old Timolino shows up and it’s a win/win ’cause now I have three. I too could write a blog post on it’s

    • That’s awesome! I’ll have 2, 3 in our house, and they’re so worth the investment! I wish they were easily available here, but I think it makes me appreciate mine more. Its a rare beauty in Australia!

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