My Very Own Dr Tom

Have you seen Being Erica, the now-ended Canadian show about a chick (unsurprisingly) called Erica who has a bit of a quarter life crisis which lands her in hospital after a nut allergy issue, and ends up in therapy? No? Well firstly, you should, and secondly, I feel like I’m living it. Erica is in no ordinary therapy – her therapist, Dr Tom Wexler, transports her in time to re-do regrets she feels have lead her to his office in the first place. Erica transforms her life through shedding old fears and beliefs, taking risks for the things she really wants and pushing herself outside her comfort zone through the time travel therapy, allowing her to understand her life and choices to a much greater level. My coaching with the kick-arse Tara Bliss is much the same (minus the time travel – but how cool would that be?! Let me know if you could arrange that one week hon!) – through teaching me techniques, perspectives and new stuff to help me manage my life.

Just like Dr Tom, Tara never does the heavy lifting, that’s all up to me – and you know what, I kinda love it! Confronting old pain and stories and letting them go is HARD work, learning to meditate every day is hard, viewing relationships with fresh eyes is hard! But I’ve learned enough this year to know that the hard work is so very worth it. It makes you more resilient, more insightful, a better person (hmm, I feel like I’ve mentioned this before!). Like Erica, I’m reconnecting with my intuition and inner self in new ways. Most importantly given my medical condition, she’s helping me connect with my body – to not resent it for the bleeding episodes, pain discomfort and isolation.

Tara is massively intuitive – she has this knack of seeing in me things I can’t, and picking up on things I haven’t even told her, with each nugget of wisdom a guidepost on my journey. My sessions with her are like lessons in life and me, with a huge dash of Yoda thrown in. If Yoda was a gorgeous yogi, green juice-drinking, spiritual Queenslander. She’s connected to the force, and knows how to point me in the right direction. And guideposting she is – I’ve had a few blogger friends comment on an ‘air of change and renewal’ circulating at the moment, and my sessions with Tara are pushing me through that. You’ve probably noticed this in some of my recent posts – I’ve been talking about Big Emotional Stuff, then letting it go.

So why coaching? Because its the perfect mix of therapy, friendship, and a cosmic kick up the arse. Where friendship is (potentially) unfocussed and unqualified, therapy can be a bit teacher/student, this brings the best of both together. I have someone who gets me as a person through what I’ve said and what she’s divined out of me nudging me into a better life. And she choose words in a way I just love – if you want your own dose of Tara’s wisdom you need her (and Rach’s!) book – Spirited.

Have you ever engaged the services of a coach? What do you think?


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Seeking a new way of working outside the standard 9-5. Writer for hire - blogs, internal procedures, social media posts, training manuals or anything else you an imagine.
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