An attitude of gratitude

I’ve been feeling very full of goodness, light, positivity and strength lately. Even when things have not entirely worked as expected, or gone to plan. Even when challenges have arisen. Today I wanted to reflect on the good things I have and the good things I am working on.

I am grateful always, in every second for R. For morning giggles, adventures, for just sitting. For his kindness, generosity and patience. For birthday cake. For his commitment to health and wellbeing.

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and explore all the avenues and experiences of wellness. For western approaches, for Chinese herbs, for tea, exercise and meditation.

I am grateful that I can grow my own food. That I can nourish my body right from my own house.

I am grateful, even with my medical condition, that I can explore this amazing, ever-astounding planet.

I am grateful for my body, for it’s ability to roll with the punches, to put up with more than my mind wants to acknowledge, for its resilience and strength. For sending me the right nudges to move and nourish in the way it likes. For giving me hints through meditation on what it needs. For encouraging me to believe in the strength it holds. For giving me huge, unsubtle pointers when I need a correction in my thoughts and actions. For sticking with me.

I am grateful for my own intuition. I don’t always recognise it, but it pushes me in the right directions at the right moments. Right perhaps isn’t strong enough – the most serendipitous moments, the perfect moments, so much so that I must look super-human in my resolve and commitment from the outside.

I am grateful for reading and writing. For being able to get lost in words, in expression. To be able to communicate and understand is a beautiful, primal thing. For sharing with anyone who bothers to read my words.

I am grateful for the ability to connect with those that share my health experience. To say “you too?!” and know they get it.

I am grateful for connections. With Tara, Whole9, Christie and her Barreistas, and friends. With the gorgeous ladies who share my coaching experience. For being challenged by these connections through new ideas, through old concepts repackaged, through experiences that are familiar and grating and astounding words.

I am grateful for being introduced to the MNB movement at just the right time. While I was already exploring the essentials so it looks like fate and wonderful timing and bold resolve that I saw it and was also beginning to live it. For living an Active Life.

I am grateful for my body failing to respond to my old treatment plan. It was a really difficult and scary period of my life earlier this year, but without that failure, I would never have sought out the assistance and experiences I’ve had with so many wise souls I now consider essential to my health. I am grateful for the knowledge and connection this grey cloud has brought to my life.

And finally, I’m grateful for all the times I’ve felt lost, angry, frustrated and confused. Because without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today.


About Jenna

Seeking a new way of working outside the standard 9-5. Writer for hire - blogs, internal procedures, social media posts, training manuals or anything else you an imagine.
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