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Ever since that Challenge I keep on banging on about and reading ISWF, I’ve been interested in growing my own food. I started small earlier this year with some kale, but R and I have been wanting to expand that to include some more veggies. Its been feeling like the next logical step in nurturing our health, and even with our limited balcony space, we’re hoping to get a nice little collection going. So this weekend, we went to the local garden store and our farm gate market and picked up some essentials to get started on our expansion.

We got some inspiration from Jess Ainscough’s Edible Garden Month series, her videos with organic gardening guru Nicola Chatham were really helpful in getting us started (and cute – Jess is a bit of a dork in a completely lovable way, it was nice to relate while watching her series!). We found an awesome and local organic potting mix (certified, not just plant-stuff) and it also had a couple of the other suggested ingredients built in! Win-win for the credit cards! On Sunday morning we picked up some seedlings from a local grower at the farm gate market, as well as some more seeds from the garden store and took it all home to get started.

I think the most fun part for R was picking out a new watering can. For my two kale plants we’ve been using a small 500ml spray bottle, but with all the veggies we picked up on the weekend we needed something bigger. We’ve now got a 16L metal can! We had to fill it up twice on Sunday for making up our soil mix and watering after.
Our supplies.

So, what did we get? We got two packets of seeds for more kale plants and baby carrots. I’m hoping by the time the kale starts coming through for eating (early December-ish) I’ll have enough growing to do all my green smoothies from! Maybe even extra for summer salads! Woo! How exciting! I’ve loved my home grown kale leaves, they’re so tasty, and (obviously) fresh. We also bought seedlings from the market – some tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and zucchini.

The first step in the planting process was making up the potting mix – I got all dirty smooshing everything together while R poked holes in the bottom of our tubs.
We then potted up the seeds and seedlings giving everything a good water. They then got lined up on the balcony in a row – we did have to move the zucchini back towards the house later in the day as the wind picked up, the seedling stem didn’t like being ferociously blown about! Here’s what it looked like when it was all done:



We’re excited to watch the little potted garden grow, but that wasn’t the only growth happening on the weekend (oh gosh, that was a bad choice of words… ummm…. ok, just keep reading!). I had a session with Tara, and we talked a bit about intention setting and our garden plans. So while I was playing with the dirt/compost/nutrient mix, I was thinking about the little kale plants that have been thriving on our balcony, and the beautiful healing effect they have on my body. I also thought about how its the best tasting kale I’ve ever eaten. When we were potting up all the new things, I felt the anticipation of the first green smoothie, the first plate of veggies with our new crop. I thought about the little seeds and seedlings growing through the soil, their new life feeding me and R and adding some life to the balcony. Even though it was windy and cool outside when we were potting, I felt energised and excited about the little plants that will be joining us in the world soon.


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