Marvellous Martha

We’re still working our way through our Doctor Who marathon, and we’re up to Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords (for the uninitiated, this is the final 3-parter of series three of the revival). I’ve always been a fan of Martha Jones – she’s smart, intuitive, caring, and strong enough to walk away from the Doctor (only Clara matches her for new-series companions in that regard). She has faith in the Doctor while being able to do what’s necessary (putting him in the freezer in 42, or walking the earth for a whole year talking about the Doctor, with no guarantee of succeeding or not being killed). Plus her leather jacket made it out of Last of the Time Lords unscathed, and that means she’s also the most likely to return your goods in perfect condition (an excellent quality in a good friend!).

The lovely Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones. Image courtesy of the BBC

I think my favourite thing about her is her subtle, gentle strength. In Gridlock, where she almost gets eaten alive by Macra, hears the last words of the Face of Boe (or is that Jack?) then gently but firmly tells the Doctor she’s not putting up with his refusal to talk and insists on him telling her who he is and what happened to Gallifrey. Her ability to focus her attention and loyalties on the problem at hand instead of firmly following either her life before or the Doctor without regard – in The Lazarus Experiment, she brushes aside her mother’s concerns because there’s something big, cranky with teeth after them all, and in The Sound of Drums when she treats the Doctor with disregard because her family is in danger. She doesn’t get petulant like the young Rose, or aggressive like the Pond ladies, she’s just firm and focussed. And then she’s gone before the Doctor realises what a companion he’s squandered.

Her crowning moment of series 3 of course has to be right at the end of Last of the Time Lords as the Doctor’s plan is revealed – I’ve posted that video before here. Keeping that close, having no one to share it with for a year in a post-apocalyptic Earth, that, my fellow Whovians, is strength.

So thankyou Martha, I love you the more I watch your story.

In other Whovian news, it was announced today that the 50th Anniversary special will be aired simultaneously in over 75 countries around the world! Of course, being an Australian this will mean getting up at some un-godly hour on the 24th, but sleep be damned its going to be good! Is your country on the list?


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