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Trying to make Michelle Bridges vomit

A little while ago a well known Australian fitness trainer and The Biggest Loser Australia coach Michelle Bridges wrote this piece explaining her Just Fucking Do It (JFDI) philosophy. Essentially, she sees exercise as just another chore – like showering, … Continue reading

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Timolino Love

So I’ve written a couple of heavy, emotionally driven posts of late, like this one about family , or this one about blood and sex, or even one of these, about friends, needing a break , my coaching with Tara, … Continue reading

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Recharging as an Introvert

I’ve read a few books this year that have blown my mind, one of them was Quiet by Susan Cain. She talks about Introversion – what it is, what its like being one, and how they relate to the world … Continue reading

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My Very Own Dr Tom

Have you seen Being Erica, the now-ended Canadian show about a chick (unsurprisingly) called Erica who has a bit of a quarter life crisis which lands her in hospital after a nut allergy issue, and ends up in therapy? No? … Continue reading

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Soul sisters, where are you?

I’ve always had a weird relationship with other females. I don’t often relate to some of the things designated as “women’s stuff”, which I talked about here. I also mentioned here how any kind of dysfunctional relationship with my body … Continue reading

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A pause

After a year (or is it only really 6 months at this stage? I’m loosing track) of learning and testing and trying and working on new things to support my health, my body is screaming at me for a break. … Continue reading

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Intimacy, blood & sex – a unique perspective from a woman with a bleeding disorder

Today I want to share a topic with you that I think is really important and not talked about enough – what happens when you’re a girl, you have a bleeding disorder, and you want to have sex with a … Continue reading

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A letter of forgiveness

Sometimes you meet people who you don’t gel with, or who are very different people to you. Its not a judgement, but we just can’t be close with everyone on the planet. For me two of those people are the … Continue reading

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An attitude of gratitude

I’ve been feeling very full of goodness, light, positivity and strength lately. Even when things have not entirely worked as expected, or gone to plan. Even when challenges have arisen. Today I wanted to reflect on the good things I … Continue reading

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Intention & growth

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