A meditation on meditation

I’ve mentioned I’ve started coaching with Tara from Such Different Skies (she’s also the co-author of Spirited, a gorgeous e-book inspiring you to live your best, most full and spirited life. I finished it last night, so beautiful, you definitely want a copy), and the homework I’ve been working on since my last session is to start a meditation practice. I’ve only been doing this for a week and a half, 5 minutes a day, but I already feel calmer, more able to observe instead of engaging with chaos and emotional reactions, and I’ve already connected to some deep and interesting things I’ve been holding on to about my health and medical condition. Truly powerful stuff. Its both baffling and mindblowing to be that simply sitting and observing myself can produce such results.

Which has been really helpful this week. With a few ‘issues’ at work, and something bizarre going on in my digestive tract (either the tummy bug has made a reappearance or I’ve reacted badly to something I’ve eaten, either way I’m all swollen and a bit uncomfortable in the belly again), but I’ve been able to observe it all much better than previously instead of getting caught up in pettiness or feeling too gross or unattractive because of my digestive issues. Or even angry at myself for getting sick. I’ve been able to feel more removed from heated discussions and off-hand comments that might’ve grated in me before, or at least not had them sit in me for very long. I’ve felt strong in my resolve to rest and take care of my body, even though its prevented me from exercising as I’d planned.

The soft, gentle reflection of meditation I think is perfectly suited for me, it puts a requirement in me to slow down and just observe what’s happening on the inside, instead of participating in the monkey-brain craziness (all you introverts and INTJs know what I’m talking about!). In dealing with other people, I’m also beginning to feel a removal of all the ‘stuff’ we’re taught about society, convention, the way its supposed to be, and I’m noticing an ability to watch, observe, critique even without placing moral and emotional judgement on what I’m seeing. To see the world and its inhabitants as it and they are.

I’m not a master at it by any definition, but I’m really getting the concept of gently coaxing my mind back to a restful observant place when it wanders around, picking up whatever lazy thought happens to be nearby.
Have you ever tried a regular meditation practice? I’d love to hear about it.


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4 Responses to A meditation on meditation

  1. njd1insulin says:

    The one thing I brought back from a yoga retreat earlier this year was 10-15 minutes daily of back on the ground, bum abutting the floor/wall and legs up in the air against the wall. I get a lavender eye cover and just hang while I try to breathe and turn my head off. It’s a great mind-body restoration and I swear it’s easier to touch my toes and stretch afterwards as I’m more aligned.

  2. alexismcd says:

    I just read the first chapter of Spirited. I could barely get through the first page without crying. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. 🙂

    • I’m so glad you’re liking it (like seems like the wrong word, its bigger than that). I spent the whole chapter on meditation grinning like a crazy person because every word felt like it had been written for me. I can’t wait to see what you think when you’re through the whole thing. x

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