A small hiccup

So the day after I published this piece, I ended up spending the following 4 in bed (well on the couch as its adjacent to my DVD collection) with a stomach bug. So I didn’t quite get through winter completely unscathed, but I’m still counting it as a win because – it wasn’t a cold or flu, even my western medico GP didn’t want to treat me with drugs, and I managed to completely heal myself with food, liquid and rest.

The lovely Jess talked here about intuitive eating, and its the first time I’ve really seen this work for me. I immediately felt horrible and like I didn’t want anything to do with animal protein, so I drastically cut my serves down or out. A week later while I was still healing (and accidentally ate most of a container of coconut yoghurt. Oh that hurt, but I’ll never binge on it again!) we were at the local grocer and they had fruit out the front which just smelled amazing to me, so I stocked up and it was so good! Tasty and sat in my belly really well. My green smoothies were also a welcome part of my recovery. The fact that they were softer and liquid meant they went in easy and didn’t cause any upset (and I have no doubt the hit of veggies and my supplements did wonders). I’m now also addicted to “bulletproof bone broth” – a cup of warming bone broth with a spoonful of coconut butter. So very yummy, and healing for the gut (thanks for that tip Nat – she’s my TCM doctor) and I now love coconut butter as well as oil! I’m back to eating protein like I usually would, and I just tried it because I felt like I was ready. I’d actually tried a bit of re-intro earlier last week and it just didn’t work at all, so I know that being patient and more intuitive does work for me. Wait until your ready dear, stop rushing!

These two weeks have seen another slight medical hiccup – I’ve been spot bleeding. I have no idea what’s causing it, and I’ve had a few freakouts (oh no, am I already resistant to this treatment plan, what if there isn’t anything left to stop my menstrual bleeds, what if I have to have surgery now and I can’t have kids? ARGH!!!!), but I’m ok with it now. Just watching, waiting, responding on what is ACTUALLY happening and not freaking out over nothing. I also started coaching this weekend with the lovely Tara from Such Different Skies and I was able to take some perspective from that. But I really don’t know what’s going on there. I can’t see a reason for it, especially given my higher dose and the fact I had a planned bleed only 5 weeks ago. It is a bit odd, but I can only wait and see.


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One Response to A small hiccup

  1. Brava Jenna, eating intuitively is sadly a foreign concept for most. I’m glad to hear it has been such a positive experience for you 🙂

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