Live the code

Last Tuesday I got to do the very first of a new class format at Barrecode – Barre Torque. Holey moley, what an amazing hour! Torque uses foam rollers, a ‘mini barre’ suspended from the wall using TRX-ish straps and pressure release balls to get some serious muscle, joint and fasica release going on. Its a slower paced class with lots of active stretching, floating and moving using the straps and barre, all of which releases muscles and fascia in a beautifully flowing way. So not only did my whole body get a lovely stretch and release, but I also got stocked up on lots of tidbits from Barrecode owner and instructor extraordinaire, Christie on muscles, joints and fascia, how they work and the horrible things we sometimes do to them (desk jobs? Ugh!). She knows her stuff, and its a great addition to the class knowing not just that a particular move works, but why it works (I think that’s why I love ISWF so much, the explanation of the why).

My home state gets knocked a bit for being small, rural, sometimes conservative, and giving an impression of being void of opportunities of any regard, but when awesome minds like Christie’s and businesses like Barrecode are offering this kind of class, I know we are in fact the coolest part of the country to be in. Torque is unique to Barrecode in Australia, a first much like the studio itself. So get yourself to Hobart and give it a try!


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