Why I hike

I’ve written before here and here about some adventures I’ve had out in the beautiful, usually pristine, and unique Tasmanian wilderness, and about hiking. I love the effect just being in nature has on me, the strength it takes and that I’ve got to hike in Tasmania (we’re full of mountains, in case you didn’t know).

The lovely Sarah Wilson posted this earlier in the week about her experiences hiking, and I wanted to share it here. While my condition isn’t auto-immune in nature, I love what she says about the grounding aspect of being in nature, how walking forces you to be present, about how healing being outside and just walking is.

What do you think? Does hiking have the same effect for you as it does for Sarah and I?


About Jenna

Seeking a new way of working outside the standard 9-5. Writer for hire - blogs, internal procedures, social media posts, training manuals or anything else you an imagine.
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2 Responses to Why I hike

  1. I completely agree that there’s just something so rejuvenating about being out in nature; I love this post 🙂

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