A marathon of Gallifreyan proportions

For all you non-sci fi fans out there, this year is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, my favourite sci fi show, and the longest running fictional television show in history. To prepare for the epicness that will undoubtedly be the 23rd of November (the day, 50 years on the Doctor Who started airing, and the date the special is airing), R and I decided to re-watch all of the ‘new’ Doctor Who (because starting from 1963 would take more time than we have, then there’s the lost episodes fiasco…). We’re in to the wonderful David Tennant years, we just watched The Girl and the Fireplace (snif!), so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite moments:

Source Just a man and his transport…

“Hi Rose, I’m the Doctor. Now run for your life!” – what fantastic first words from the man to bring it all back.

“Very Spock” – in two words Rose not only confuses her new friend, but officially introduces the other big sci fi fandom on screen.

“Excuse me, would you mind not farting while I’m saving the world?” – The Doctor to the Slitheen in their human skin suits in Aliens in London. I agree with the a Pin floating around Pinterest saying this is the most underrated line in Who history. And Chris delivers it perfectly.

The return, and subsequent elimination of UNIT in Aliens of London. I’m an old series fan, I loved the 3rd and 4th’s adventures with UNIT and how they’ve been used in the new series. Go you wonderful beret boys!

“I’m Dr James McCrimmon…” – Tooth and Claw. Love an Old Who reference. Oh Jamie…

“New teeth. That’s weird” – another great introduction to a new Doctor, and the one widely regarded as the best of the revival series.

“You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world! This room’s the greatest arsenal we could have – arm yourselves!” – the book nerd in me loves this line. Brains before guns, a philosophy of the Doctor in all his regenerations, and one of mine too.

“Harriet Jones. MP for Flydale North/Prime Minister” – she gets a “Former Prime Minister” in at the end of series 4 too (but I’m not there yet). I’m a Harriet fan, she is firm in her beliefs, takes the hard call when she needs to, knows her history, but still doesn’t think everyone else would think she’s important enough to know, hence the constant introductions.

“Ladies, your viewership just went up!” – ah Jack. You naughty boy!

“You’ve had some cowboys in here” – The Doctor to Reinette, and Reinette to The Doctor in the Girl in the Fireplace.

“I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself.” – even for someone who thinks Rose has a tendency to be a bit of a whiny, selfish teenager on occasions, this is pretty epic. Taking on the time vortex from a living TARDIS to save the Doctor and the universe from the Daleks. Anyone who has seen series 6’s The Doctor’s Wife, and much of the old series can really appreciate how huge a moment this is. The Bad Wolf and the Oncoming Storm.

Anthony Stewart Head in Tooth and Claw. Just brilliant.

“I can’t believe it’s you! [scream echos through the building] Okay, now I can.” Sarah Jane Smith’s first words to the Doctor upon realising who he was. Like David Tennant, I’m a huge fan of this character. RIP Lis Sladen.

The Doctor: Must be a spatio-temporal hyperlink.
Mickey: What’s that?
The Doctor: No idea, I just made it up. Didn’t want to say “Magic Door” – I love this one. It pretty much sums up The Doctor for me. Just a lost Time Lord looking to have a bit of fun but getting steered into big situations by his TARDIS, making it up as he goes along.

So there’s a few bits I’ve been enjoying of the episodes we’ve watched! I’m so excited for the 50th, I love Tennant as the Doctor, I know as a massive fan boy he must’ve been jumping out of his skin to be involved, so its going to be a great watch. Not to diminish Matt Smith, Jenna Louise Coleman or Billie Piper (ok, maybe Rose, I do find her annoying on occasions!).

Any other Whovians out there as excited for November as me? Are you doing a re-watch in anticipation?


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4 Responses to A marathon of Gallifreyan proportions

  1. And of course I forgot a very important one:
    “Who said you’re not important? I’ve travelled to all sorts of places, done things you couldn’t even imagine, but you two. Street corner, two in the morning, getting a taxi home. I’ve never had a life like that.” – The Doctor, Father’s Day.

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