My blender has more horse power than yours!

So I’ve alluded before to a death in the family, my old blender. R got it for me for my birthday last year, and it had a good life. While not being the most technical of appliances, it did a good smoothie, and got quite the workout during the Barrecode 60 Day Challenge (any Hobartians reading? Christie’s just announced round 3 for 2013! Starts in September. Go on, sign up, it’ll change your life!). Especially when I started doing green smoothies in it. I don’t think it was ever the same, the power required to rupture the greens and banana chunks into something drinkable was a bit over its head, so my smoothies were more rustic, as Jamie Oliver would say. And then my very cute but sometimes boy-thinker R put hot soup in the carafe to pulverise it about 2.5 months ago, and the glass cracked. Game over. I mourned the loss for some time (I haven’t even been able to write about it on here properly until now!) and R walked around with a sad puppy face for a while, feeling very guilty for killing my blender. But the world is right again because look what turned up late last week:


So to back track a little, I decided to look at purchasing a high powered blender during the 60 Day Challenge after my more economical model seemed to be struggling to keep up with my green smoothie demand. Plus, after 60 days of changing my food habits and relationship with eating, I figured a blender was a better purchase than 4 tubs of Maggie Beer’s icecream (even if it is the most heavenly and naughty treat in the world!). My internet trawlings lead me to two options, the Blendtec and the Vitamix. Both (in Australia at any rate!) cost around $900-1000 for the home models, both are high powered, close to food processer models, and they both have an amazing array of features. Its a iPhone v Galaxy 1 type of argument. Essentially very similar products with mere minor differences to set them apart. In the end, I decided to go with the Blendtec for a seemingly arbitrary reason – we have limited benchspace in our kitchen and the Blentec, at a stocky 30.1cm tall, it fits under our cupboards on the bench. Also, I had to admit I have a fondness for Blendtec founder Tom’s youtube videos (thankyou to Wil Anderson and the Gruen Transfer team for drawing these to my attention a few years ago!).

So a Blendtec it is! And I had planned to get one as my post-Challenge reward, but my bouts of illness got in the way, then I ran out of leave and had to get a bit more wily with my financial resources. But then my favourite time of the year, tax time, rolled around and on with the purchasing I went! And my new toy has arrived! And my previous blender’s passing is now just a distant memory – I really think knowing how much good my smoothies do for me made me mourn its loss a bit more enthusiastically than I usually would for an inanimate object. But not to worry, I’m back in the blending game!

So what am I going to make in my Blendtec? Well I’ve already mentioned my green smoothie obsession/requirement a few times! They’re definitely going to be a regular occurrence! But there will be many other things too – soups, dips, R’s wonderful banana bread, and many other types of smoothies (not all of my liquids are green!).

So what else comes in the box for such a large price? Well aside from a very efficient blender that could power a push bike or two, there’s a awesome recipe book, the usual warranty and instructions and a dvd. The book is gorgeous! I’ve spent my free time over the last few days flipping through it. There are lots of recipe ideas and suggestions on how to use your blender. And even if all the specific recipes don’t meet my nutritional standards, I’m more than capable of working within their ideas and my own rules.

I think the most exciting thing about having a blender again is that it puts me in control of my health. I may have mentioned once or twice the difference having green smoothies in my diet makes to my ability to control symptoms of my VWD, and its so exciting, relieving and empowering to be able to do this for myself, both my mind and my wellness, on a daily basis. As much as I love my local juice bar, my bank account likes being able to do my at home versions too.

I’ve even been able to try a new combination – the first green smoothie I made in my Blentec had hot green tea as the liquid base, soothing my digestive tract based on advice from my TCM Doctor. And it worked really well! It was a bit odd sipping a warm green smoothie at first, but the hint of strawberry from the tea went really well in my smoothie, and helped disguise the delightful taste of the spirulina and chlollera.

I can’t wait to continue using it over the coming months and years! Do you have a high-powered blender (or another device that you love for its healing powers)? What do you make in yours?


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2 Responses to My blender has more horse power than yours!

  1. Congrats on the blender!!! I admit I am a little envious 🙂 You can use all your kale and not have chunky bits in a smoothie!

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