Want my vote? Here’s my wish list…

If you’re a compatriot, you’d be well aware that there’s a federal election campaign going on, with the big day happening on 7 September. I have always been interested in politics, my degree had a international relations major so I must’ve found something appealing in the area! But recently I’ve been becoming more and more disenchanted with the characters that populate Canberra. Neither of the current big 2 appeal to me, so instead, here’s my list of things I’d like to see a new government tackle:

1. Remove GST on female sanitary products.
FFS already, just fix it! Yes, I have a bit of a vested interest in this one, not just for being female but also because my visits from Aunt Flo are slightly more traumatic than the average. But honestly, how can anyone possibly think that sanitary products (whether you use disposable or reusable pads or tampons or a reusable cup) are a voluntary purchase? No female in the history or future of planet earth chooses to have a uterus and a menstrual cycle. And there is no male equivalent – shaving your face is a choice. An employers’ policy does not a biological imperative make. And before you ask, R has a beard and I like it. A no brainer.

2. Rebates for preventative health measures.
Like gym memberships, community garden memberships, having your own veggie patch, or instituting mental health day leave as an national employment standard. Prevention is always better than the cure, and drugs will never work as well as fresh whole food, sleep, exercise, and adequate sunshine. Can you imagine how this country might change if people were healthy first, and economic units second? Or if in 30 years we’d completely reversed the systemic inflammation/T2 diabetes/high blood pressure/cholesterol trend? If we drastically reduced our CO2 emissions not by some elaborate trading scheme or offset targets, but because people walked, rode or pooled their transport needs? Which also lowered the morbidity and morality rates in the annual flu season? That’d be a pretty cool place to live, I reckon.

3. Legalise gay marriage.
Another one that its about time was changed. Discrimination plain and simple. Don’t want a gay marriage? Don’t marry someone of the same gender.

4. A dash of honesty and integrity
I’m not buying the PM’s vow to return to politics of honesty he made after re-taking his job. But that is what I’d like to see. A hint to all current sitting members and to-be MPs – if you want the public to think you’re better than a bunch of squabbling toddlers, say what you mean and mean what you say. None of this core or non-core promise crap we’ve heard in recent years, no going back on things said in the campaign because you’ve had to form alliances to form government, no reinterpretations, backpeddles or repositioning. Because we don’t care for your semantics – it all comes across as plain old dishonesty.

And lastly, and most frivolously,
5. Make the campaigns longer.
Not because I enjoy the wholesale takeover of my media, social or otherwise, but because it means the return of the Chaser and the Gruen team. Both comedic troops brighten the otherwise boring repeat of silliness that goes on (yes Rudd had notes in the first debate, but did I really need to hear it on breakfast tv 10 times, then radio 3 times, then all the online news I checked and my facebook feed!) and make it into something interesting. Plus, Andrew Hansen is a Doctor Who fan. Maybe I should change this one to Increase ABC funding instead?

Anywho, that’s what I’d like to see. What do you want from this election?


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