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Renewal, light and beginings

Sunlight streams through the window. It is both welcomed and unfamiliar. Months and months of rain, gloom and grey have been her constant companion, but today is the beginning of the up-swing. Blue skies, with only cotton-candy wisps of cloud … Continue reading

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Green smoothie goodness

I’m loving the smoothies in my Blendtec, so smooth and thick!

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Giving the cold and flu season a kick in the groin

That’s a pretty full on heading isn’t it? But it sums up my experiences this winter (yep, I’m making the call now, its almost September!). I’ve always had a really rough time in winter. Since I was about 14 I … Continue reading

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On accepting imperfection

As well as being INTJ, I’m also a bit of a type A-personality. I like to do well, be right, do lots, and be the best, or the best I can be. Those two analyses of a personality fit together … Continue reading

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A marathon of Gallifreyan proportions

For all you non-sci fi fans out there, this year is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, my favourite sci fi show, and the longest running fictional television show in history. To prepare for the epicness that will undoubtedly be … Continue reading

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A walk on the wild side

Last Friday was a bit of a milestone for R and I – one of those ones that’s measured in years (5, in case you were wondering). Now neither of us are really interested in making a big deal of … Continue reading

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My blender has more horse power than yours!

So I’ve alluded before to a death in the family, my old blender. R got it for me for my birthday last year, and it had a good life. While not being the most technical of appliances, it did a … Continue reading

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Want my vote? Here’s my wish list…

If you’re a compatriot, you’d be well aware that there’s a federal election campaign going on, with the big day happening on 7 September. I have always been interested in politics, my degree had a international relations major so I … Continue reading

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My period survival kit part 2

And how in the world did I miss these two essential parts of my female organ experience??? Oh right, the lack of sleep, essential brain-functioning nutrients flooding out of my system and a bad case of the whiny bitchfaceness otherwise … Continue reading

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Alterans vs Ori

In one of my favourite tv shows, Stargate SG1, a new enemy is introduced in series 9-10. They are a group of ascended beings, former human mortals who have evolved and reached enlightenment, but who believe that those on a … Continue reading

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