A very-unlike-me shout from the rooftops

I’ve written before about my tenuous relationship with my dosage of the pill and the effect it has on my blood pressure. I ended up having to go into my GP a month ago, and she tested my blood pressure and looked at the readings from my recent hospital visit, and thought it was still a bit high. And it was reading a bit high in her office – almost 20 points up on what it should be. Not my highest, but not good for someone my age, weight, and with my diet and activity levels. She decided to give me a month and retest it to see if it would settle, but otherwise we’d have to look at increasing my hbp med dose. I went back in today and it was normal! What has changed in the last month? Only thing I can think of is I started (and am now 3/4 of the way through) my Whole30. I guess I’ll really never know if cutting out that final irritant was what did it (dairy) but its a hell of a benefit!

So its a Monday Funday for me with an awesome medical win!


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