Is this tiger blood?

There’s a stage of the Whole30, about the point I’m at now (time-wise anyway) that people call tiger blood. Where the eating similar meals isn’t getting to you, and you’re feeling great – the abdominal bloating from your previously bad food choices has gone, digestively everything is working well, you’re sleeping well, feeling bright, peppy even, and you can attack everything with vigour. I’m still feeling like I need lots of sleep, but I’m putting that down to it being winter here, and yes, everything on my insides (or outsides, as the Whole9 guys see your digestive tract as being outside your body) is working great. But for me I think this is perhaps coming out in my barre classes.

Over the last few workouts I’ve stepped up my weights for the arm section to 3kg. I know, for you crossfitters a tiny 3kg seems piss-weak, but in barre you don’t do squats or lifts of only a few reps with your weights, its lots (and I mean probably close to 100 a class per section – arms, legs, glutes, core, etc), and the moves are isometric. Lots of tiny small movements with control. So the usual 1.5kg are pretty heavy by the end of the set, to the point that the instructors refer to them as the “little red evil weights”.

So I’ve been trying the green weights, which come in 2.5 and 3kgs. The first attempt, I got 2/3 of the way through then swapped to the reds. The second time on Sunday I got right to the last move – the circles. Yesterday, I got all the way through! And this morning I got almost the whole the way through Barrecode owner Christie’s killer reclined arm/core set. This one is so tough. You sit with a pilates ball behind your lower back, then recline back onto it to the point of control with your core, keeping your shoulders relaxed and upper body straight. Then you pick up the weights and do all the usual moves from there. Its so tough – not only are your arms shaking my the end, your core is pretty stuffed too!

This was an awesome achievement! I’ve done this set about 10 times, and it wasn’t until late last week that I actually got through it all without needing an arms shake then rejoining the set, so to get most of the way through with double the weight is just awesome!

I would never have thought before I started barre that I’d be able to do full leg pushups, or the weights section with such control or strength. That my tiny pin arms could even get muscle definition, and that I’d have such an appreciation of my body and the amazing things it can do. I’m pretty proud of myself that I can do all this hard work and love it, and this extra leap in the last couple of days is pretty damn fantastic. (As you can tell, I wasn’t even intending on writing about any Whole30 related stuff until I finished the challenge!).

And if this is how tiger blood is showing up in me, I’m a-ok with that!


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