The very idle march of the penguin

Today I’m going to share with you one of the items from my VWD bag of tricks. One of my symptoms is blood noses, and this tends to be a problem in winter as the air gets dry. Breathing in dry cold air dries out my sinuses (and my throat) which can result in cracking and bleeding. I know of other people who have had their nasal passages quaterised which has stopped their nose bleeds, but the icing my nasal passages took only lasted around 7 years, and the blood noses returned with their usual vigour.

Last year, upon being subjected to the worst insulated building I’ve encountered that can still be called a house (yay, I just love renting!), I ended up purchasing 2 humidifiers. We have a turbo charged one for the living area (which has lights that change colour – good for days when the dvd collection is just not that inspiring – yes I’m high on cynicism and sarcasm today), and another for the bedroom. For the bedroom unit, I ended up having to utilise the product variety and shipping expertise of my US counterparts, as the local offerings didn’t include something that my light-sleeper of a partner would be able to tolerate. You kooky yanks might have some weird opinions on gun ownership and universal health care I don’t share, but you do make a good kid’s humidifier. Which is what I bought – not only does he hydrate my throat and nose overnight (when constantly sipping water is a tad impractical), but he is a good pet substitute (again, renting is awesome…) for my animal loving other half.

Meet Puffington:


Yes, he’s very cute, but I’m more excited about not having to blow dislodged clots out my nose this morning.


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