Reclaiming my sanity

So one of the few things that had to fall by the wayside while I was medically incapacitated recently was getting my hair cut. I had it done last in late January just before the start of the 60 Day Challenge, so I could be less weighed down (literally, I have thick hair!) in the last of summer while beat, beat, squeezing my way through many classes. I had another one planned for towards the end of the Challenge around 8 weeks later, but alas, I ended up in bed again struggling with my out of control symptoms. Then again a week or so later. And again. Then I finally got back to work again in May, but I was beyond out of leave so I couldn’t afford to take a few hours off one afternoon to get it done. And then I had another week off dealing with the first of the bleeds on the new meds. So finally, in mid-June, I cracked the shits at the odd looking mop trailing down the back of my head and booked an appointment.

Last Friday I finally got it done, and it is wonderful! I have quite thick, straight dark hair that will easily loose its volume when it gets too heavy, it ends up getting greasy around the roots and I end up with a scalp buildup issue when my hair is too heavy for my scalp to breathe. Real pretty. But now its light, even, soft and the perfect weight for my scalp and for keeping my ears warm under hats (yes, its winter and I live at 42o South, I need head warmth!). My haricut was a literal removal of weight from my shoulders, as well as a small event that makes life easier. Its now easier to dry (no mean feat when you have thick long hair and its winter), easier to style (a very generous use of that term, I’m a 2 bobby pin and pony tail girl unless the event calls for something more spectactular!) and isn’t malting everywhere – R was finding loose strands in his lunch salads for the last few weeks. Oops. It lasts longer without washing it, and now that its a little thinner, I can actually get my sulfate free herbal shampoo onto my scalp to get rid of the itchy flakiness. Even the new length is great – I had about 4cms cut off it as the ends were getting a bit ratty, and it now sits about 5cm lower than my collarbone and is the perfect length for a high pony for barre class. No more hitting myself in the face during forward fold or roll downs!

I’ve always loved getting my hair done. Not for the random small talk in the salon, that actually freaks me out a little. But the washing, scalp massage, and the whole idea that I can donate someone 30 minutes of my time and it changes my mood for relatively little money (and no breaches of laws!) is wonderful. And even more informally – I harrassed my parents as a kid with my hairbrush to get the lovely tingly feeling on my scalp after a good brush out (espeically while it was drying), and will try and convince R to do the same even to this day. Its as good as savasana or meditation for me. Quiet, intimate, stimulates mental release, incredibly relaxing.

Because I love my freshly cut hair so much I’ve even worn it long and loose today, despite the wind gusts that have so far topped 75km/h.

What is your favourite way to get a litle ‘me’ time?


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5 Responses to Reclaiming my sanity

  1. I love getting my hair done too. And am actually going to have it cut today after months of cancellations due to health issues – sound familiar?! I also love yoga and painting my nails as me time. Thank you for finding and commenting on my blog as it has led me to yours. I look forward to following from now on.

  2. Baths. They are my favorite! I actually schedule them 2x a week in the cold months especially since my body does not seem to produce its own heat whatsoever.
    I actually dislike getting my haircut! They always take too much off and feel the need to tell me my hair is thinning, like I was not aware 🙂

    • I also have a cold constitution and tend to stay quite cold in winter. But for me thats where my giant tea collection comes in!

      Oh no, how rude! Why is it helpful to say that to someone? Do they think you don’t know? Its on your head after all!

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