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A lesson in stepping back

Yesterday I had a bit of a brain melt down. It was Monday, I wasn’t looking forward to the working week, and I had a few communication hiccups at work. My ego/mean girl went into overload – “what was she … Continue reading

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The power of tea

So I might not have the meditation thing down pat, but I do know how to make a good cuppa. This is my rooibos to go with dinner. Rooibos is calming, is a good a rehydrator as coconut water, and … Continue reading

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A way to go

As I’m nearing the end of my Whole30, there have been a lot of other ‘things’ popping into my head that I want to change. To be more authentic, more like me, more real, a better version, all just like … Continue reading

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What if…

… I never find my passion, that thing I’m meant to do? … the progress I’ve made with my health disappears? … I get stuck doing jobs I don’t like, which drain me emotionally just for turning up? … I … Continue reading

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Older and wiser

This year, I started something that even 12 months ago I would have laughed at you for suggesting. I started seeing a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I’ve always been a rationalist, lover of the scientific method, a logical thinker. … Continue reading

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A very-unlike-me shout from the rooftops

I’ve written before about my tenuous relationship with my dosage of the pill and the effect it has on my blood pressure. I ended up having to go into my GP a month ago, and she tested my blood pressure … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, stay and play

Something most people might not know about me is that I love the rain. Which is really excellent today:

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Is this tiger blood?

There’s a stage of the Whole30, about the point I’m at now (time-wise anyway) that people call tiger blood. Where the eating similar meals isn’t getting to you, and you’re feeling great – the abdominal bloating from your previously bad … Continue reading

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It’s just a number

When a woman talks about a number its usually in reference to the one from a set of scales. But the number I’m talking about today is the one that’s given to you at the end of highschool. The one … Continue reading

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Am I really a girl?

Yes, I have the requisit parts. My bleeding disorder certainly like to remind me of that. But otherwise, I have found it hard to fit in to female situations. I’ve never felt the need to go to the toilet in … Continue reading

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