Alive and kicking

I’ve always been fascinated by gardens. Courtyards bore me, I love the big sprawling, Secret Garden style ones that you could get lost in. Like jungles, but with random smatterings of tree houses, cubbies under hedges, fruit trees and veggies to snack on. The ones that are their own eco systems, with bugs, animals and birds making their homes everywhere, a whole universe of activity and life. This love of outdoor, living spaces has also come with a complete inability to actually keep anything alive for very long.

My mother started a veggie garden in our back yard when I was a teen, and tried to get my help maintaining it, but gave up because I could never remember when things needed watering, or be motivated to actually doing it. So she ended up keeping everything alive. For the past few years, R and I have tried tomatoes and herbs, all of which have moved to another plane of existence (the herbs were given a good shove by the horrendus bushfires we had in January though, even just the wafting smoke was enough to kill them off).

But now, I actually have something that has lived! About 8 weeks ago I picked up two tiny kale seedlings from the Farm Gate Market and potted them on the balcony. Since then, I’ve watered them daily (R did a few while I was sick, but I’ve been pretty good about it!). We’ve had to re-pot them since (last weekend) as they’ve grown so well, and they’re getting close to being harvested! I’m so excited, not only have my previously scarlet colour thumbs changed colour (if a good gardener has green thumbs…), but I’ve grown my first food! And a green smoothie ingredient! (My love of green smoothies deserves its own post, I’ll do that at some point in the future). Weehee!


So what do I do with kale? I use it as the green leafy base for my green smoothies, it goes in stirfires, and even in my scrambled egg breakfast mush (don’t really know how else to describe this, its like leftover soup, but with eggs instead!). I really want to try kale chips at some point too, the crunchiness I get from stirfrying some of the kale is really yummy, can’t wait to try the chips! And, of course, its good for my bleeding disorder. All leafy greens have benefits, but my fave is kale. It has high vitamin K levels without the oxylates that are in spinach, high in iron, and a good source of chlollera, which is a plant-based blood cleanser. I love eating to support my health, its so much better than dealing with issues as they crop up – green smoothie vs spontaneous bruising? I’ll have the green smoothie any day (and aim to have them every day!).

I wonder what else I could not kill? I might have to experiment more later in the year.


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4 Responses to Alive and kicking

  1. Congratulations on your Kale! I have not grown Kale yet but it is on our list. I agree with eating for one’s health. I find I bruise less frequently when I am eating spinach and kale. I’m glad it works for you too! Kale chips are great! Do you plan on growing other plants?

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