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One is never enough

I wrote previously about my fitness challenge earlier in the year with Barrecode, and my runner up prize. But it was plagued by 2 weeks of the 8 at home on the couch dealing with my menstrual bleeds, then the … Continue reading

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Pretty shiny things part 2…

As I mentioned earlier, I won a runner-up prize from the 60 Day Challenge with Barrecode earlier in the year, and last week I finally got to spend my voucher! And a bit extra. A bit more than a bit … Continue reading

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A familial disconnect

She got home from school, barely able to get through the door before her bag and blazer slid to the ground, a new and less painful resting place. This was a bad one. The pain had been seering through all … Continue reading

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Growing up is hard to do…

and even harder with an inherited bleeding disorder. Last weekend I did the round trip to Perth, Australia to attend a workshop on mentoring young people with a bleeding disorder. Last year, I got to be involved in a project … Continue reading

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Mugful of happiness

It seems the beverage you drink is one of those either/or things, just like all the big arguments. Melbourne v Sydney. Beer v wine. AFL v rugby. For me, tea is always the winner. I’ve never been a coffee fan, … Continue reading

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Alive and kicking

I’ve always been fascinated by gardens. Courtyards bore me, I love the big sprawling, Secret Garden style ones that you could get lost in. Like jungles, but with random smatterings of tree houses, cubbies under hedges, fruit trees and veggies … Continue reading

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World Blood Donor Day

Just a quickie this morning, and a direct copy from my fb status update (I know, totally cheating!). Get to it! Today is World Blood Donor Day. If you’re a regular donor, or a even needle-phobe, I’d strongly encourage you … Continue reading

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Back in the saddle

One of the things about being unwell I struggle with the most is not being able to exercise. While some of the time there might not be a doctor standing over my shoulder telling me not to, its pretty hard … Continue reading

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Needles, tea and deep breathing

So. You have an inherited bleeding disorder, which means at some point (maybe even frequently) you’re going to end up in your local public hospital. When was the last time you ended up in hospital and it went well? Tests came … Continue reading

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A letter to patients with chronic disease…

I wasn’t actually intending on posting today, I figured I’d have something to write after tomorrow’s fun at the hospital, but I saw this post when internet browsing yesterday and it really resonated, so I thought I’d share. Enjoy!

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