Pretty shiny things

One of the elements of my arsenal of wellness pratices is my form of exercise. We all know how important exercise is for general health, both physical and emotional, and this is certainly true for people with bleeding disorders. The trick for people with an inherited bleeding disorder is finding something that supports blood, muscle and joint health without causing bruising or bleed problems. For me, that form of exercise is barre workouts, at my local studio as well as occasionally with a dvd by this lovely lady. One of the biggest factors in my recent push to be healthy and well was Barrecode’s 60 Day Challenge which I participated in from February to the end of March this year. The deal is as many classes as you want in the 60 days, plus a structured eating plan (something a bit like this, with a bit of full fat dairy thrown in). Last Friday, we had a Challenge wrap up party where the business owner awarded some prizes, and I got a runner up prize! $150 to spend at Barrecode, so obviously I’m going shopping! They stock some pretty cool brands like Karma, Splits59, and the big boys of the yoga wear game, lululemon. So I’m pretty excited about that, and very proud of myself, especially since I spent weeks 4 & 8 of the Challenge at home with uncontrolled menstrual bleeding. And I’m hoping that this week’s issues don’t get in the way of some weekend shopping!

Barre works for me because its a set of strong exercises, but they are low impact, which is kind to my muscles and joints. Its the perfect combo of muscle building without damage, and I just love it to bits. Its tough workout, but its so much fun, and because of its effect on me I won’t live without it. The low-impact muscle strengthening work I’ve been doing at barre for almost 18 months has drastically reduced my spontaneous bruising, as well as any after-effects from actual injuries. For me, this is a god send. I used to wake up with deep, painful bruising at least once a week, I’d have no idea where it came from at I’d be looking at a minimum of 4 weeks for it to fade. And now, I just don’t get them! I know for some people with bleeding disorders this form of exercise would be too strong, but for me its perfect. I also like to vary my classes, so at least one of my classes is a Barre Fusion class, which incorporates a vinyasa flow section and some lovely deep yoga stretching on top of the usual thigh, calf, glute and core work.

Having said that, I’m always open to new ideas about exercising for (instead of inspite of) a chronic medical condition, so I’d love to know what other people do to get their sweat on (yep, been watching Scrubs).


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Seeking a new way of working outside the standard 9-5. Writer for hire - blogs, internal procedures, social media posts, training manuals or anything else you an imagine.
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6 Responses to Pretty shiny things

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  2. alexismcd says:

    I love barre too. I go at least once a week and have found it to be an incredible way to strengthen my muscles as part of my recovery. P.S. I’m so glad you are writing!

  3. sisteranan says:

    i’m sorry to hear of your condition. I take proferrin tablets (over the counter) for severe anemia and it seems to help some… maybe it would help you too, after heavy periods… congratulations on your prize!

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