I know what you’re thinking. 2 posts in one day? What’s the crazy lady thinking? But today I’m sharing with you a new weekly challenge I hope you’ll join me on.

A couple of days ago I read this post from Whole9 and I was intrigued, excited and very very interested in Melissa Hartwig’s experiment. A lot of bloggers I know practice a gratitude practice, and while I love that concept, I’ve always thought that practice could go bigger. So I loved the idea detailed in the Whole9 post. Today, I’m bringing this to you, and  I hope you’ll join me! Continue reading

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New Beginnings

Today is the last day of my 9-5 job, and I’m moving on to a new role with my other employer. This is a very exciting development for me – As I’ve written about before, I love my role there, and I can’t wait to expand on it and do work I enjoy and with people I want to work with.

I’ve learned (or more accurately, re-learned) a few life lessons in this role that is coming to a close, and I want to share them with you.

1. No one else is EVER going to put my health or happiness first. Or at least not first in the way I want and need. Continue reading

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Go with your gut – how to home-brew kombucha

I think this is one of the more surprising things I’ve gotten into over the last year that me 2 years ago would’ve laughed at. Taking Doctor Who looking monsters, keeping them in my cupboard and ‘corrupting’ my tea with them! What insanity!

Look at this fella! The Abzorbaloff is a big slimy alien from the planet Clom who grows as he eats people! Kinda like a scoby! Photo from http://infodoctorwho.wordpress.com/ Continue reading

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Tweaks and turning the corner

I know I’ve been a bit quiet around here recently – that’s the trouble with living your truth. Sometimes it means battening down the hatches and focusing on yourself and your wellbeing. But I’ve been thinking about you all a bit, and I hope I’m able to return to my regular blogging schedule, or something like it soon!

Today I want to share with you two things I’ve been working on that have helped me immensely in tackling life’s challenges, and the best part is, they’re both free! It all comes down to perspective.

a6d1dbf971e26b8ecc121f2e62ad849f Continue reading

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Creamy, delicious chocolate

Who doesn’t like some of the sweet stuff? As a woman with some challenges around menstruation, its a definite part of my life (and my period wellness kit!), but I don’t know too many people who don’t indulge in some chocolatey goodness. However, in the past year I’ve learned that regular, commercially produced chocolate isn’t the healthiest option – with loads of refined sugars, and often trace amounts of gluten, these are no longer options for me (and I hope once you’ve seen how easy it is to make, you’ll have a go at it too!). I’ve mentioned two brands before that I like to buy (in Australia, check out Loving Earth and Pana), but I really wanted to try making my own this time. Continue reading

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Day 366

12 months ago, to the day, my life changed. On 1 February 2013, the first round of the Barrecode 60 Day Challenge for 2013 started, and my world hasn’t been the same. It was the day I stopped eating gluten, the day I started to learn my body was strong, vital and capable or so many things. It lead to the beginning of my beautiful new friendship with S, to reading It Starts With Food, to my TCM doctor, to my beautiful coach and friend, Tara. To green smoothies and home made chocolate and the joys of weekly roasts. To R reclaiming his health. To meditation. To meeting the knowledgeable and fantastic educators from Whole 9 South Pacific. To starting this blog and connecting with all of you! I’m grateful for every second of it. Continue reading

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How sleep saves your life

The last couple of weeks has been another health learning curve for me. It has highlighted exactly how important sleep is for the human body (and mine in particular), and its a really worthwhile topic to talk about. I’m going to share what has happened to me, but I’d love to hear your experiences with sleep too.

I’ve always known I need sleep, and its usually something I do well and with ease. My body knows when it needs to recharge, and it just gets on with it (irrespective of what I might want to do at the time!). So summer can often be challenging for me – at the moment I live in a house which is north facing, so we get a lot of warmth. I’ve found it to be a beautiful thing in winter, as it keeps the house warmer and comfortable, and even helps keep my immune system ticking over, and ensures I don’t dry out and bleed anywhere (a chronic problem in our last place!), but it does mean it gets pretty warm in summer. Summers in Tasmania are pretty mild, but we always get a few 35-40oC days, and for those, the house doesn’t cool down enough for a comfortable slumber.

untitled Continue reading

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A little break

I shared this on this blog’s facebook page earlier in the week, so I thought I’d better share it here too. I hope you all have a lovely long weekend planned (for those Australians reading!) and I’ll write more to you all next week.

I’ve been a little quiet over the last few days, and I will be for a few more. The sleep disruption I mentioned a little while ago? Well it continued, unfortunately, and due to some work commitments I was unable to take a break early in the week to feel fully rested and well, which ended up forcing me to the last couple of days. I’m also heading away for a short break for this long weekend, and will be out of phone and net range, so this page will be a little quiet until I get back. My message for all of you for the long weekend (here in Australia at any rate!) is to honour your bodies – if it wants to play beach cricket, go for it! But if it’s craving a break, do yourself up something yummy and iced (I’m talking tea, of course!) and give yourself a rest. Have a great weekend everyone and I’ll talk to you all next week.

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Create and Connect

I was asked to do a little exercise a few weeks ago to come up with some guiding words, desires and themes for 2014. If you’ve been following on my Facebook page, you’ll know that I don’t really ‘do’ yearly resolutions, so what I shared was what I’ve been guided by or am following through on for my current ‘period’. I don’t even do this by a year, I just wait until the impulse arrives, and follow it until it feels done. It works well for me, just letting it happen as it does without the pressure and external structure of annual, January-timed goals. Its a perfect mesh of three of the things that make me, me: introversion, intuition, rationalism.

From Pinterest Continue reading

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Why do we care about looking good?


Help an INTJ sister out, would ya? I’ve recently read this article on an online Australian newspaper and the first paragraph/sentence (that’s a whole other grammatical rant I won’t get into today!) gave me the shits. I’m sorry, how is health the second rung benefit of exercising? Continue reading

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